Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Road Kill Cafe

You kill it, we grill it.

Or, stuff it and place a tiara on its head to accompany you as your dinner guest...

"How you doin?"
Our hostesses for Horsin' 'Round the Bluegrass pulled out all the stops for Friday night's meal. They arranged for dinner to be catered by the very popular Roadside Café (Oui oui, café with l'apostrophe. It's French like a fry.) and their polished, very capable wait staff.  

"I'm gone need to see some ID's, bitches."

"Can I git yawl some more shine?"

A sot in every crowd.
View from our table.

Dinner was served buffet style, and I never did see a menu but it all tasted like chicken anyway. Mercy law, my belly was full as a tick on a coon hound.

Yes, me and Thelma were stacked to a fill. We graciously excused ourselves and stumbled returned to our abode on wheels. Earlier in the day, we rustled up our ponies for Saturday's derby but we had yet to decorate groom them. It was gonna be a long and silly night full of sequins and rhinestones.


  1. I wish I was on every one of these trips! I am living vicariously through you two!!

  2. We have fun, but it usually comes at a price, ha. Thanks for following!