Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Mess With Me - Mess With the Whole Trailer Park

Earlier I referred to all Sisters as having "homes on wheels." That's so not accurate. While the majority of our Sisters tow their own travel trailers, many of us make other accommodations when attending SOTF events. Look at me. I don't own shet, ha, though Sister Thelma will beg to differ. She did indeed give me a key to Bella's front door and insisted I was part-owner. (Technically, I'm not, but you can't argue with a Pritchett.)  So,  I travel the highways riding shotgun with Thelma at the wheel towing our 1971 Play Mor trailer, "Bella". Often times, the campgrounds we visit have freestanding cottages that some Sisters prefer to rent. Others will even stay in a local motel and travel to and from the campground for the scheduled festivities. Tents are a popular choice as well. In addition, there are those who sleep in their vehicles-turned-glampers and some pretty unconventional-looking pull-alongs, too.

No matter what our accommodations, we are all glamper gals and members in good standing of the prestigious TTA (Trailer Trash Association, not to be confused with Homeowners Association, which we probably are not are NOT in good standing as of this trip). 

With an array of activities -  horseback riding, distillery tours, antiquing, dutch oven cooking class - our hostesses organized to choose from, the 30+ Sisters split up individually or in groups to participate.  Thelma and I took the individual route.  She went junking/antiquing/thrifting...I mean, the sun did come up that day, duh. And me? I chose to enjoy the beautiful day relaxing in the lush, blue fescue, writing stories in my head.  The trailer park was as peaceful as a church on Sunday.

Make that, an Episcopal church on Sunday.

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