Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Cowgirl After-Party

Posing for the media...

Sister Sheri, 1st Place-Dutch Oven Cook-Off

Sisters Louise & Koren, 2nd Place-Dutch Oven Cook-Off


Sister Laura, 3rd Place-Dutch Oven Cook-Off 


 Sister Yafah Bonnie, "Pearlie Rose," 1st Place-People's Choice Best Trailer
 Sisters Cindy & Donna, "Bella," 2nd Place-People's Choice Best Trailer

Sister Mary,"Rollin' with Mary Jane," 3rd Place-People's Choice Best Trailer
 Sisters Tammy x 2, "Nature's Cure," Best in Show-Outdoor D├ęcor
Sister Bettina, Best Giddy-Up Outfit (cowgirl prom attire)
Our reaction when we didn't win Miz Giddy-Up, ha.
Posing with the one and only grubmaster, Too Tall One. One day he'll have his own show on Food Network. And then I can say, I remember when, betches.

...then it was time to celebrate!

Our mouths parched from so many acceptance speeches, we planted our boot heels on the brass rails at the nearest saloon in downtown Pigeon Forge. That place was lit up like a honky-tonk on a Saturday night. Oh. Wait. It was Saturday night which meant we only had a few more hours of Sister shenanigans til our next SOTF event. Like my pappy always said, time flies when yore havin' fun. And it does. And it did. After a menu of mixed dranks, fried pickles, and gluten-free pizza, we skedaddled back to the trailer court where a campfire was already burning. By then, the silliness had set in. It had been a long, exciting day and that, along with the cigar campfire smoke, was startin' to git to us.
 Can you name the celebrities?
The silliness continued late into the night. You can never have too much fun with SOTF, because "We have more fun than anyone! We're Sisters on the Fly! (cue the music...cut!'s a wrap, y'all!)