Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Saddle Up! Live! From the Red Carpet

Thelma in the talent portion, filmed earlier.

Not to be outdone, I'm equally as talented in lasso'g. Just sayin.

Just kidding, just kidding. Me and Sister Cindy opted out of the lassoing contest. Seemed kinda silly for two grow'd up women to be ropin' against this tiny lil' buckaroo.

Like any A-list red carpet affair, we spent the remainder of the afternoon attending pre-ceremony cocktail parties, photo shoots, autograph sessions, and interviews.

Me and Thelma were plum tucker'd out from all the bright
lights and endless autograph lines, but we still managed to crack a smile for the paparazzi.

Oh. Ha. This wasn't at the awards show. This is a whole 'nother story.

After the evening gown competition, the Sisters gathered at the pavilion for group pictures and more awards. Our Saddle Up hostesses held a raffle to benefit a charity local to Sevier County, Tennessee. Top prize was a gift basket from Davy Crocketts Whiskey distillery.

I had not prepared an acceptance speech beforehand so imagine my shock when presenter Julia Roberts Sister Bettina announced I had won first place. I was at a loss for words but managed to thank and share the Golden Globe likker with my Sister-Sister-in-law Cindy for without whom I would not be where I am today. I also dedicated my award to my dear Bella for her undying love and support. I was pert near brung to tears.
My first of many Oscars to come. 
A bunch of us Sistahs piled into Towanda's Cindy's Suburban for a trip downtown to the convention center for ceremonies already in progress. There they would announce the winners of the chuck wagon contest in addition to the People's Choice Award for Best Trailer.
Unable to understand a doggone thing those emcees were telling, I felt Sister Cindy grab my arm and shout, "STAND UP!!!"
 "WHAT?!!!" I screamed.
"We won, Louise!!! Bella won first runner-up for best trailer!!!"
JesusHChrist, Cindy's gonna give me the big one before this trip is over.
We couldn't believe it. In her first official competition ever and Bella placed second, just a horse length behind Sister Yafah Bonnie. Cindy accepted a gift basket including Lodge cast iron cookware on Bella's behalf.
We're some winning betches, y'all.