Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Cabin Fever

There's a heap more to bein' a rider than jest settin' on a bull an' lettin' yore feet hang down.

This week Sister SIL Cindy and I will return to Pigeon Forge, Tennessee for the 14th annual (our 2nd) Saddle Up Winterfest. Mother Nature has been quite the fierce bitch woman these last few weeks providing us with less than desirable weather, that is, by North Carolina standards. But it is the dead of winter, and living in these parts we really shouldn't complain: Worst winter storm in a decade last week and temps expected in the 70s this week. We are hoping the same holds true for Tennessee.

Saddle Up is where it all began for Thelma and me. Nervous as two hoes in the tabernacle, we set out on our virgin tour as official Sisters on the Fly. As unorganized and clueless as we were, we no doubt remember this trip as our very fondest.

We have yet to measure up to our fellow Sisters in the cowgirl department. Tutus, spurs, holsters, and petticoats don't exactly sit right with us. Maybe we need more than a year to transform...if we ever do. Bella, on the other hand, has got it going on. Just look at her, all tatted up cowgirl-style.

Bella was western when western wasn't cool.

Font:  Rio Grande

Saddle Up is about as western as it gets. A chuckwagon cook-off,  cowboy dance, cowgirl prom, dutch oven cook-off, and cowboy church are some of the events scheduled. There will be branding lessons (yikes!) and a mechanical bull to bust our ass ride for the brave of heart. There will be competitions this year; Bella will be competing for "Best Outdoor D├ęcor" and "Best Trailer Overall" (People's Choice). In addition, there will be a "Giddy Up Outfit" contest that Thelma and I may, might, maybe...oh what the hay, we will compete in. Hey, they're giving out prizes. Yep, me and Thelma's gonna be contestants in a bonafide beauty pageant. Our cowgirl transformation is about to begin.

L to R: Thelma Pritchett Miss Greater Winston-Salem, Louise Smith, Miss Charlotte 

It's been a long four months since our last outing. The symptoms of Cabin Fever has taken its toll. We're exhibiting delusions of the grandiose type with thoughts of dressing up and breakin' a bronc'n bull. Feverish or not, we hit the Happy Trails tomorrow. Westward ho, Thelma!

Remember, Cindy, keep one leg on each side an' yore mind in the middle. It's as easy as shootin' a dead fish in a dry lake.