Monday, January 20, 2014

Bella Does Hotlanta

Until the Country Living (Magazine) Fair, our wagon Bella had never traveled south, deep into Dixie. We were on our way to Atlanta, Georgia, specifically Stone Mountain Park, for our most anticipated SOTF event since we began glamping. There, we would participate in the fourth annual CL Fair with over 200 vendors. Featured in the fair would be four SOTF vintage trailers sponsored by Go RVing. Yes, we had hit the big time, y'all.
Cindy and Bella arrived at my house the day before we were to hit the trail. My neighbors had never seen the likes of Bella which caused quite the gathering.
"Cindy...I've lived in Charlotte nigh on 16 years. It took Bella being here for me to meet neighbors I never knew existed."  
We missed Charlotte rush hour traffic upon leaving, but Atlanta? Whatever happened to southern hospitality? At one point, our lane gave out and Thelma was forced up onto a curb at an intersection where we sat with Bella's petticoat flapping in traffic.
Cindy:  "What is wrong with these people? I mean, it's not like Bella doesn't stand out. They can't be courteous and let me back in?!!!
Me:  "They need Jesus."
It was on from there. Towanda shouted, "Hold on Louise!!!," and she floored it. You go gurl.
Siri, once again, sent us around our elbow to get to our ass the campground. "I don't know what's gotten into Siri lately, Cindy." Cindy, well...being Towanda...took matters into her own hands again and whipped us 'round the mountain using road signs, common sense, and the need to pee to get us there. (Actually, that was the Smith coming outta her.) "Dang woman, I coulda swore we left your brother at home."

Pavilion & Check-In


There's yer signs!

If this trailer goes to rockin' and Thelma gone be treadin' water.
Cindy's backing skills were put to the hardest test a'tall this go-round. While it was a beautiful campsite, there was a drop-off to the lake below, within 10 feet of where Bella needed to whoa up. And with me guiding Cindy. Lawd Jesus. But, like any other Bubba truck driver, dat gurl can back. And she hit her mark perfectly.  Then...
With chocks in place at the wheels, we began to unhook the trailer from the Suburban. The moment it released from the hitch, Bella shifted and we both let out a collective, "Ohshet!" Thankfully, the chocks did their job, and Bella didn't end up shouting, That water's cold! And deep, too!  (Oh...ha...that's another story.)  Talk about the night the lights went out in Georgia, y'all. We almost peed our pantaloons.

SOTF Meet & Greet
With our nerves still frazzled after being run off the road, lost, and almost losing Bella, Thelma and I needed a breather...and a drink. And dinner, of course. I mean, it's not like we had planned to cook or such as that. As we were leaving for the restaurant, we saw our sweet Sister Tammy pulling in from Morristown, Tennessee.

Tammy's trip was equally as harrowing in that this was the furthest she had ever towed her trailer. Her nerves were shot to shet, too. We hopped out of the Suburban and helped her get settled into her site so she could come along and relax with us.

"Ohshet, Thelma, we left the truck running."
"Ohshet, Louise, we're on empty. Hurry up, Tammy! We've got to get to a gas station!"
"I'll ask Siri for the nearest gas....ummm, nevermind...let's go!"

Luckily, we made it in time then proceeded to the restaurant. There, we sat fer a spell discussing our day's mishaps travels.

We tinked our martini glasses to the power of Sisterhood and later returned to the campground. But our travel woes were not over just yet.
Here we are in a traffic jam in the middle of the night at the entrance to the trailer park.
"I wouldn't expect anything different, would you Thelma?"
"No, Louise, I sure wouldn't."