Saturday, January 11, 2014

Step Right Up

I swannee. If it ain't Cindy attracting men, it's Bella.

Red & White Trailer Trash

If mason jars were Golden Globes, well I reckon our glampers racked up the most awards for the evening. Our trailers were not judged individually, at least not formally. They were merely on display for the enjoyment and curiosity of those particularly unfamiliar with the concept of glamping.  Take the gentleman above for instance. This is before we educated him that he actually was propped up against Bella's boobs fence. Yep, he slid right into first base upon meeting the 'ol gal.

The Sisters love showing off their glampers, and again, provided appetizers and a toddy or two for the guests.

Fall off that hoss and come on in, stranger.

Howdy, Stranger. Take a load off and sit fer a'while.

We even provided games for our guests' enjoyment, ha.

Remember the days way back when, at the county fair, there was one section off the midway your parents warned you about? Yeah, and we all snuck back there anyway...

Hoochie Koochie Show, haa
Well, apparently, Bella had a little side show of her own. Here she is, nekkid as a jaybird, done striptease'd right out of her lingerie awning.

He just stole 2nd.
We had a few "signs" posted 'round camp that didn't seem to offend our guests. Whew.
...ha, 'cept Bella.

So, while I'm snapping pictures in the trailer park, I'll be ding dang if Bella won't at it again...

"Don't you weep pretty baby / Don't you weep pretty baby / She's long gone with the red shoes on / Gonna meet another lovin' baby / Go to sleep you little baby" --Song of the sirens.
By now this dude had just rounded third base. And, in MY bed. Time for a prayer meetin' with Cora Pearl Bella. 

We bid adieu to the Tennessee gentlemen and sent them on their way before they ended up as hoooooorny tooooads. Sister Cindy and I packed up the Suburban at dusk anticipating an early start the next morning for our trip back to North Carolina.  Bella was sent to bed early, and Sis and I spent one more evening by the campfire with our Sister BFF's. This would be our final trip to Tennessee for 2013. And like the blue-haired church ladies read in their minutes, a good time was had by all.