Thursday, January 9, 2014

Vintage Vixens

"Cindy, do you think we'll ever bring food to cook on our camping trips? That bacon I smell frying in the trailerhood sho does smell some kinda good."

But today would not be the day. We were downtown and bound to see what the fuss was all about. The Sisters who shopped there the day before while we were in paradise Goodwill had stopped by earlier and given us a heads up to the best vendors, deals, and eats in town. We jumped in the Suburban and like a bullet...we were gone again.

An absolutely beautiful day, we parked and went into the first shop we saw, Grandma's Attic. Can this be happening again? A junk diva's wonderland! We could have stayed there all day and still not seen everything. We split up with plans to meet back at the checkout counter. From there, we navigated the sidewalks of this quaint little town.

Fleur de lis. Tis French like a fry.




We made a few purchases then had lunch outside in the sidewalk dining area of a cafĂ©. Cindy bought a fly rod, you know cause we're Sisters on the Fly, and we are bound and determined to learn to fly fish.

SOTF came about from two real-life sisters and their love of the sport and the great outdoors. There are many horse lovers, real-life ranchers, outdoorsy women in our group with a side of Western cowgirl in all of them.  Me and Cindy...not so much. Give me Kerr Lake in our hometown any day, and I'll fish 'til the cows come home. I loveee to fish.  So, yes, I am interested in learning to fly fish. But straddle a horse??? No way in Dodge.
Here's Cindy attracting men again. He was checking out her pole, haa.

Being an avid fly fisherman himself, the gentleman was very impressed with Cindy's fly rod purchase, particularly the good deal she got. But, she knew that all along. You go, gurl.
Which reminds me...
This is the last fella that came a'callin on Thelma back in Gatlinburg, Tennessee at our first ever SOTF event. Something about dem men of the Appalachias...
Lexie delivering peach pie to Cindy.
With 20 or so antique/thrift stores downtown, we gave it our best shot to patronize or at least window shop all of them.
We're drunk on junk.

A break from shopping and a gluten-free treat. Life is good.
Like most downtown businesses, owners closed up shops at five. And though we weren't ready to leave, Towanda drove us back to the trailer park for shenanigans quality time with our other Sisters. They met us as we were parking, excited to see what we had found. Let's just say it took a while to go through our purchases, ha.
And, about that shine...
Apparently one of the antique dealers enjoyed the open house so much, not only did he give us a discount at his shop, but some butterscotch moonshine as well.
Just across from our campsite #75, we gathered for a campfire near the pavilion for a shot or some of moonshine, served, I swear, in communion cups.
Which reminds me...
I snapped these pictures earlier in the day. Seems fitting to include them at this point in my blog post...

Communion cups, y'all.    Law, we gone burn sho'nuff.