Monday, January 6, 2014

"Junk 'til You're Drunk" ~ Clinton, TN Antique Shopping Weekend

Always on a search for treasures, the Sisters are well known for their love of "junking." Much different than your typical shopping spree, junkin' usually involves rambling through antique shops, sifting through thrift and Goodwill stores, and even spying treasures on private property while driving down the road.  It is not uncommon for a Sister to venture into an overgrown field to capture a picture of an abandoned trailer with hopes of finding its owner to possibly purchase it. Personally, I draw the line at dumpster diving...just saying. Anywho, vintage is the keyword here, and much of what we junk for are items period dated to the year our glampers were born. In our case, Bella was burfed in 1971.

The trail to Tennessee was becoming as familiar as the backs of our hands. No uncharted territory for Siri either...we'd made this trek to the hills of the Appalachia more times than you can shake a stick at.  Bella showed she still had snap in her garters, too, maneuvering steep inclines and back down again through the Great Smoky Mountains. However, unlike every.other.trip to the Smokies, there was one very different issue we encountered. 

We all were grinnin' like a weasel peekin' in a henhouse door. Our very first Sister trip with a picture perfect forecast.

Happy Glampers indeed!

Ruby Slippers

Sporting new slippers, Bella made a pit stop to insure her heels tires were pumped up adequately. We tried previously checking the pressure at the station where we gassed up, but after wrasslin' with the air hose too many times to mention we decided to go into damsels-in-distress mode. We stopped before leaving King where a couple of foothill-ers recognized our cry for help and kindly serviced Bella. Now wasn't that much easier, Thelma? And fo free to boot. That one fella was quite the Belvidere, yes? 

A couple of more stops on the way to Clinton, once at our go-to restaurant and a rest stop or some, and we would arrive by daylight (shocking, I know) to the KOA of Clinton and Knoxville, Tennessee.

Johnson City, TN - Mamma rock me...
We were greeted at the trailer park by our campground host, "Bones," who was as laid back as he was...well, as he was boney.

Bones might be plenty old, but he ain't hung up his saddle yet.

Bones straddled his horse golf cart and herded us to our site where Cindy parked Bella between Packin' Polly and a shiny, new Airstream.

We would be in good company for the next few days (with the exception of a polecat I failed to mention who also "greeted" us upon our arrival) with a smaller than usual number of Sisters. After we set up camp, we joined our small group for a light dinner and heavy drinks.

We wrenched our fine china with a lick and a promise, nestled ourselves all snug in our bunks, then it was lights off for Thelma and Louise...

...while visions of finding treasures danced in our heads.