Wednesday, March 12, 2014

We've Howdy'd But We Ain't Shook Yet

Back at Clabough's, preparations were being made for Saturday's big event. The last of the chuck wagons were rolling in and setting up camp to compete in the chuck wagon cook-off.
 Rolling, rolling, rolling. Though the streams are swollen. Keep them doggies rolling. Rawhide!



The Sisters were busy as well preparing their secret Dutch Oven recipes to be judged at sundown. Folks wuz busier'n chambermaids in a livery stable.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, me and Thelma went bar trailer hopping to visit with our Sisters, some of whom we had never met other than through social media.
BFFs Sister Tammy and Sister Tammy were quite the bartenders hostesses serving up some of the finest margaritas north of the border. 

"Have(ing) more fun than anyone," we hung out at The Tammys' -  'til the limes ran out and the dinner bell rung.
We moved 'em on and headed 'em up to the pavilion for the Dutch Oven throwdown. Well, everyone but me. I sat with Bella fer a spell remembering how awesome last year's dinner was and how this year was different for me on accounta I'd been strick'n with the dysentery some years back on the Oregon Trail diagnosed with celiac disease. I wanted to go for the fellowship but sure didn't want to sit and watch everybody eat. Then, I got a text. Sister Cindy, like any bonafide good-hearted Sister, messaged me that three of the dishes prepared were gluten-free. Booyah!  Didn't take me no time to quit feeling sorry for myself and giddy'd up straight to the grub line, leaving Bella outside tied to a hitching post.
All the things I'm missin'
Good vittels, lovin', kissin'
Are waiting at the end of my ride...
And good vittles they were. The real Sister Louise (also diagnosed with celiac) and her sidekick, Koren, provided a gluten-free meal that earned those gals a blue ribbon.
I made it jest in time fer two heapin' helpings of Swedish stew. Lawd, I was ginnin' like a jackass eatin' cactus 'neath a full moon.

The campground was expecting a crowd of 3000, give 'r take, at the break of dawn, so we saddled up and made a bee line back to the bunkhouse for a good night's sleep. In our own glamped-up bunks. And with no fear of bedbugs. We never did purchase a replacement for the lantern globe broken earlier, but not to worry. Roxanne Bella left a red-white-blue light on for us.

You can take the trash out of the trailer court, but you can't take the tramp glamp outta the girl. Roooooooooxaaaaaaane.