Thursday, March 6, 2014

Stay Calm and Saddle Up

Oh yes he did-id.

We jest as well been nekkid as two plucked jaybirds what with no cuddleduds or rouge on.  Thankfully, I had my robe and was able to borry from Bella's fru fru décor to cover Cindy up a tad.
Thelma, the real Sister Louise (fully dressed), and me.
At first I was madder 'n a mama bear with two cubs an' a sore teat...iffn' I had teats (click here for the rest of the story), ha.  Anyhooooo, me and Ethel Cindy could not have been more shocked and wondered were the glamping gods frowning down upon us this trip. The television and newspaper reporters insisted we be interviewed, and I insisted they wuz crazier'n a loco'd bedbug.

What the shet just happened?
Ethel:  I had no bra on.
Lucy:  I had no draws on.
Ethel:  I can hear my mama now.
Lucy:  I can hear your mother-in-law now.

The media left and shore nuff plastered our picture all over the greater Knoxville, Tennessee area.

They did convince a couple of the Sisters to speak on behalf of the Sisters on the Fly, and they did a mighty fine job in doing so.

So when I said I was mad, I was jussssst kidding. Though, you'll notice they muted my voice in this next video. So, okay, yeah...I said shet a few times...among other sassy words.

More video (click here):

Speaking only for myself here:  You know when you are watching the news and the reporter selects the most outrageous half wit he can find to describe the scene? I know right. Again, at least he muted what I felt Grandma W would say compelled to say.


With the paparazzi media finally out of our hair, we commenced setting up camp. Still needing a few items, we made a trip downtown to the nearest Walmart accompanied by Sisters Laura and Judy. Again, oblivious to the conversation at hand, I noticed Cindy pulling around to the back of Walmart to the tire/service department to park.

Concerned, I asked, "Cindy, what's wrong? Is something wrong with the Suburban?"

"Nothing, Louise, it's a shortcut. Nobody ever parks back here. We'll go in, get what we need, then check out here." Cindy to the others, "I told y'all she can't hear shet. Bahahahaha!"

"In the tire department? You want me to check out in the tire department?"

"C'mon, Louise, get your stuff and hurry up. We're hungry. We'll meet back here."

Oh this is great, I thought. Cindy and the others were shopping for electrical and camping supplies; merchandise that would be regularly checked out at this register.  The first one back, I placed my items on the counter where the likes of Junior Samples was ready to ring me up.

Now how am I gonna explain this, I thought.

Fresh flowers, bras, panties, and likker. Goodgod.  I wondered what that man was thinking. I know what I was thinking...I'm gone kill Cindy.

Definitely my mantra if I was gonna let anybody survive this trip.

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