Monday, March 3, 2014

A Not So Typical Day in the Trailer Park

Despite some minor leaking, Bella survived the Great Tornado of 2014 storm, even managing to stay afloat during the flash flood. On the lower end of the campground, a couple of trailers had to be moved to higher ground because of still-rising water. It was a crazy start to what turned out to be a beautiful, albeit, unseasonal day.
A couple of Sisters took advantage of the motel amenities and showered before leaving, avoiding the 30+ other menopausal women fighting vying for three shower stalls back at camp. Sister Cindy? Not hardly. She'd take her chances at the bathhouse. She didn't sleep a wink the night before. Not because she was afraid of the storm, but she was petrified at the thought of sharing a mattress with varmints bedbugs. I think Cindy thought Sister Tammy may just as well been talking to a pack mule when the motel clerk insisted the rooms were clean. We both thought that feller was full of mule manure.
Though Cindy and I didn't shower, I did use the complimentary guest shampoo to do a little warshing. Seems I left all my cuddleduds back in Charlotte, so I handwarshed my only pair of draws in the motel sink. Still damp the next morning, I threw 'em in my train case and went commando-style underneath my flamingo pajama bottoms back to camp. It gets worse, ha.
Friday would be somewhat of a relaxed day. With no Saddle Up events scheduled until the Dutch Oven dinner at five, we had all day to stage Bella for the beauty pageant Best Trailer Contest on Saturday. Because this is a pretty big to-do for the City of Pigeon Forge, there would be television and newspaper folks reporting on location on Saturday as well. We had to look our best!
Before gittin' down to bidness, Sister Southern Belle Cindy invited a few Sisters over for gourmet coffee and to rehash just what the heck happened overnight. Short on bone china cups, Sister Tammy tried to drink drank from an Arbuckle cup we received earlier from our hostesses. 
"Tammy, yore gonna putcher damn eye out."

View from Bella's rear window.
Sister Laura stopped by to loan us her spare pair of stabilizers/levelers. That's what Sisters do. Much obliged, Sister Laura! After coffee, me and Cindy got to work.

"Almost, Thelma!"
Now, any common sense glamper will agree that getting all spiffy'd up what with fresh spit curls and ruby red lips should be done after setting up camp. Unless, of course, she had inside scoop that the media would be filming at the campground the bucking day before.

We no sooner began raising Bella's awning when reporters came swarming. 
Photographer:  Ladies, smile!!!!!
Cindy:              Bahaaahahahaaa!!!
Donna:             OH NO HE DID-ENT. 


  1. Been follow'n awhile now and you never disappoint! Even in the face of adventure you cowgirl up and sister on! Rock on sisters!!!!

  2. Always an adventure, y'all, but we have crazy fun. Thanks for reading!