Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Atlanta's Southern Belles

Sister SIL Cindy and I volunteered to trailer-sit during the Country Living Fair on Friday morning. There, we represented SOTF by showing four selected trailers and being available for questions. In exchange, we received free admission to the event and "early bird" weekend passes that allowed us to enter the gate two hours before the general public...booyah! Thelma signed us up for an early-morning shift which meant:  1) we'd get the worm, and 2) we'd freeze our badonkadonks off. Holy buckets, it was colder 'n a mother-in-law's kiss.

Country Living Fair 2013

Our esteemed panel of Sisters on the Green Stage at the CL Fair. Me & Cindy missed that boat, too. ha

"Well, fiddle-dee-dee as Scarlet O'Hara would say. Cindy and I will be famous one day. As God as my witness.

First on display, one of my very favorites, "Mudflap Motel." I was delighted to sit with this beauty...except the cold part. Shet it was cold.

Though for exhibition purposes only, I believe someone actually made an offer and purchased Mudflap Motel while at the CL Fair. Perhaps a new recruit for Sisters on the Fly? I sure hope so.


And, lastly...


You know the saying, you can't keep a good woman down...well, you can and you can't. Nearly frozen, our shift ended and I hightailed it back to the truck. That makes me the good woman down. Thelma, on the other hand, had money in her pocket going ding-a-ling-a-ling and she loves to shop. Neither snow nor rain nor heat nor gloom of night shall keep Cindy from shopping. And shop, she did. The first item she bought was a hand-knitted toboggan to wear while she shopped, ha. (She's a smart shopper, too.) I warmed up the truck, then turned off the engine. For the next hour, I Facebook'd, napped, text'd, napped, and napped some more. What? We had a shet ton to do back at the trailer court: Decorate for Halloween and dress up for Ghouls Night Out. I needed my rest.

After my little siesta, I texted Cindy...whoa.

"Louise!!! Omigodyouhavegot tocomebackintothefair! You won't believe all the stuff!!!" I told you...Cindy got a dollar, she gone spend it. I was pretty thawed out by then and met Cindy back inside.

One of Cindy's finds.
With her pockets empty, we left the fair and stopped by Wendy's to order from the dollar menu, lol. In addition to decorating and getting ready for Ghouls Night Out, we had to set up our own personal craft booth at our site to make some cash so we wouldn't have to eat at Wendy's again. bahahaa

View from our site.


I had hoped Bella would like what we chose for her Halloween costume. I was pretty sure she would.


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