Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Shop 'til You Drop...ummmm, Roll Over

After a quick cup of Arbuckle's for Thelma and hot tea for me, Sister Sis-in-Law and I were ready to walk shop the streets of downtown Clinton. I don't know if we took a wrong turn out of the trailer court or what, but we realized Towanda was driving away from downtown. We questioned whether we should turn around as she continued driving in the opposite direction.  In the meantime, we began noticing one thrift store after another - the kind Thelma and I enjoy - the rundown, older-than-shet thrift stores. You junkers know what I'm talking about. Now, Thelma and I do love some high-dollar antiques, especially furniture, but we ain't exactly the highfalutin' type. Remember, we married Mister Mister-in-Laws, and both our families were poor'n a hind tit calf. T'wont no wealthy land owner rancheros on either of our family trees. Frick and Frack married Frick and Frack. Why, we were so poor...

"CINDY, LOOK!!!!!!"


Towanda slammed on brakes. There it was. The queen mother of all thrift stores. Our eyes lit up bigger than The Old Man's did the moment he eyed his major award.

The biggest, most grandiose Goodwill store we had ever seen. And the sign in front shined as if it were neon:  ENTIRE STORE 50% OFF TODAY. We had hit the mother-friggin-load.

We shopped 'til our buggies brimmed over. We shopped 'til I rolled over, ha, onto the floor in the notions department and couldn't get up. (Thelma is quite used to my occasional rollovers knowing I'm somewhat of a medical mystery. So, I didn't get upset when she belted out a belly laugh and continued shopping).

We left the store both grinnin' like a mule eatin' briars. We loaded up the Suburban with a shet-ton of goodies and me with a shoulder hematoma. "We did good, Louise." "We shonuff did, Thelma."

In keeping with our tradition of never having cooked while camping, other than the roasting of an occasional marshmallow, we stopped for some Applebee's grub then moseyed on back to the trailerhood. The Sisters would be hosting an open house for the Clinton downtown antique dealers in exchange for discounts to shop their stores. It was Bella's turn to grin with pride as she would not only be showing off her new shoes but her new bustiere as well.

Note the form-fitting features of her new Playtex Cross Your Heart bra fencing.
Thelma and Bella both beaming with pride.

Treats for our guests.


This was turning out to be one of my favorite Sisters on the Fly events ever. Small, carefree, and laid back... just like Bones, ha. Beautiful weather, great finds, a chance to show off Bella, and a campfire with some of the best Sistas a Sister could ever want. Oh, and then there was that mason jar of shine...

KOA Clinton-Knoxville, TN


  1. OMG...I am sitting here lmao!! Just like I did when you were sprawled out on the floor. You crack me up Louise. I can't wait for our next trip!!!

  2. lololol. This was a fun one to write. Watch out February!