Saturday, January 18, 2014

"See the World. Come Home for Love."

With our sights already set on our next and final SOTF event of 2013, Sister SIL Cindy pointed the tongue...

"Thelma! Wait! The hell?"

Lawdy, Thelma was fittin' to leave my bony hide in Tennessee. I came out of the bathhouse, and dang if she hadn't already hooked up Bella and by now was tapping her foot waiting on me.

Seems Thelma (aka "Nina") had two little boys, her grandsons, in her sights, too. We bid farewell to our Sisters, posed for the paparazzi, and then hit the road, Jack.

Thelma and L-Oui-se

As if Bella had not misbehaved enough this weekend, Siri apparently wanted some attention too. She had us on a wild goose chase to the nearest Starbucks - leading us to drive-thru only stores knowing full well Bella could not maneuver through such a tight spot. We sent Siri to her room my purse, and looked for the legendary arches instead. So much for the almost-over seasonal PSL we both were craving.  McCoffee would have to do instead.

Back on the highway we spotted this gem of a car, complete with fuzzy polka dot dice hanging from its rear view mirror. My, wouldn't it look sweet towing Bella.

Enough dreaming and back to reality. Almost home as we could see Pilot Mountain/The Knob up ahead.

Awaiting "Nina," this is why Thelma had the pedal to the metal...

John Eric and Rayson

(Dedicated to John Eric on his 8th birthday. Aunt Donna loves you.)

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