Saturday, November 9, 2013

Take the Long Way Home

Our seven-hour trip turned into a 13-hour one - twice - yep, both ways.  It was understandable when we were fighting the elements traveling to Kentucky, but the weather was just fine driving back to North Carolina. But, that's what happens when you're having more fun than anyone...just me and Thelma on the open road, talking and laughing and crying and sharing and laughing and talking, and...

"Ohshet! The needle's on empty! Quick! Ask Siri for the nearest gas station!"
"Omigod, Cindy, it's almost five miles. Can we make it?!"
"Ummmm. No. Start praying. Wait! Look! There's a station next exit! Siri scared the shet out of me for no good reason."
"That betch."

And just like that we filled up and were back on the trail, talking and laughing and crying and sharing...

Bella, still wearing her feather boa, once again pulled like a charm to and from KY, our longest trip yet. She returned no worse for the wear minus the band-aids duct tape.

We chose a different route back that was equally as nice.




We arrived safely back in King where we unloaded then reloaded my car for the last leg of the trip to Charlotte. Little did we know, poor Bella got a little carsick on the ride back. After some TLC, though, she would be well and ready for our next Sister event in Clinton, Tennessee.

I'm sure it had nothing to do with Towanda's driving.