Tuesday, November 5, 2013

On Your Mark!

Get set, and like a bullet we were gone again. Sister Louise wasted no time wheeling our stagecoach through the Kentucky countryside to Loretto, home of Maker's Mark. 

We missed happy hour, by now probably a good thing, so in place of the Bourbon tasting we experienced a different side of the distillery unique only to Maker's Mark. It was here I learned a new trade, one I'm afraid my mom would not be so thrilled about. No, not a saloon gal. I may be poor white trailer trash but I do have standards.

Wax was hotter'n a burnt boot.

This is how you dip!

It's always good to have more than one skill under your garter belt.

Finished product signed by moi.

With a quick stamp of our passports, we returned to camp to put the finishing touches on our Kentucky Derby fascinators.

Sisters Beatrice and Eugenie's headwear paled in comparison to Sister Cindy's creations.

We were thrilled the ladies from Heaven Hill followed us back to the trailer park bearing booze gifts for all the Sisters. Bellatini was even on the receiving end.

As  the sun was setting - for real this time - we donned our hats and joined our Sisters and new friends around the campfire...just in time for happy hour, our third for the day. It was becoming clear to us that, indeed, Bardstown was the Bourbon Capital of the White Acres Campground World.

Mint Julep, anyone?