Friday, April 26, 2013

Point the Tongue North

Our first ever adventure with Sisters on the Fly in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee was drawing to a close. As any Sister will testify, no event is complete without ample time spent junkin'. Not feeling we junked enough to warrant "ample," Cindy and I set out for one more treasure hunt before the Saddle Up events scheduled for later that evening.  This time a couple of our new "sisters" joined us in search of the perfect vintage find.

We arrived back to camp with a trunkhandful of goodies in time to spiffy up for the chuck wagon awards presentation and Saddle Up concert. Donned in our fur stoles, vintage dress gloves, and gowns blue jeans, we sashayed- yes, sashayed - into the Grand Majestic Theater.

Before the curtain, we enjoyed champagne and caviar soda and popcorn, while mingling with the cowboys. My, my, my, they do clean up good. When Still Hangin' accepted their prize it only seemed natural I do a curtsy right there in my seat. After all, I was the drinking driving force behind their win.

Last call came early for Sister Cindy and I. We spent the rest of the evening cuddled up with Bella remembering the day's events and planning our next adventure.

Little did I know our next event would take place a mere eight weeks and not EIGHT MONTHS later as I had originally told my Mister. Holy shet, he's gonna kill me. Everwhat. It was time to point the tongue north* towards the hollers of Kentucky. Head 'em up and move 'em out, Bella!

Moon Shine Run 2013 & Kentucky Bourbon Trail

 White Acres Campground ~ Bardstown, KY

 *Point the tongue north: At the end of the day, the wagon trail cook's last job of the evening is to point the tongue of the chuck wagon toward the north so the herd could "follow the tongue" the next day. Or some shet like that.