Saturday, April 13, 2013

About Last Night

"Cindy!!! You poked me with a broom???! You coulda put my eye out!!! 

Sister Crazy Woman

I still can't believe Sister Sister-in-law Cindy whacked me with a kitchen broom.

"You told me to wake you up. I've been calling you every 15 minutes for the past hour. It's about time you got your skinny tail up."

"Fine. FINE. I'm up. Gah, no respect for the deaf." Or the dead hung over.

Whoa Bella! Are you in on this too? Why must you keep spinning 'round so?!

So this is what it's like to have a hangover. ha. shet...

I peeked out the window and watched as the chuck wagon crew of  Ramblin' Rose  was preparing their vittles for the sold out crowd they were expecting. I wondered if our cowboy BFF's of  Still Hangin' were indeed...still hanging, ha. The visitors to Saddle Up were already pouring in. It was time to shake a leg, y'all.

While Sister Cindy was glamping with a cup of piping hot, flavored coffee from her Keurig machine, I was busy primping. Busy as in, hurrying the hell up.  A cold shower and a towel still damp from the day before will have a skinny-tailed cowgirl shaking a leg real fast. First Cindy then the bathhouse. Could they not see I was in need of a little TLC this morning? It's not like I asked  for a hangover. I was crowned (yes, figuratively and literally) by the wagon gods to mark the rite of passage I so dutifully partook in the night before. It was rightfully earned, like a Girl Scout patch, only I wasn't wearing it too well.

That soon changed with each passing smile as guests toured the trailer park campground for a glimpse of Bella and other glampers representing Sisters on the Fly. Cindy and I were overwhelmed at the positive feedback we received. Bella's polka-dots were an instant crowd-pleaser.

She stood out like a beacon in the night as guests reported they could see Bella "from a mile away" as they drove down Wears Valley Road.

Sister Cindy beamed with pride as she greeted each guest with stories of Bella's transformation from a water-damaged, moldy, neglected trailer into the sweet little beauty she is today.  We were both thrilled when a traveling journalist with Our State magazine stopped by for photographs and expressed an interest in writing an article about Bella and our adventures with Sisters on the Fly.

Though Bella was merely on display, Cindy and I felt like she had won Best in Show from the many compliments she received. Perhaps there's some truth to Doc's good luck legend after all. Not only did Bella have success in her first pageant showing but Doc and the Still Hangin' team took top honors in the chuck wagon steak category.

Okay, so the secret's out. I took one shot for the boys and a shot or some for me, Cindy, and Bella. What? It was our first rodeo. We still had to hook back up and get Bella down the mountain. We needed all the luck we could get.