Thursday, March 14, 2013

Let the Festivities Begin!


Bella showed us hospitality as one would expect from any true Southern Bella Belle providing Sister Sister-in-law Cindy and I shelter from the overnight drenching rain. Her rear end sprung a leak, ha, but nothing that MacGyver Cindy couldn't repair once she got her back home. It was time to giddy up and get the day started.

Friday would be a busy day beginning with a lesson in making buttermilk biscuits by Sister Tammy who then showed us how to cook them in a Dutch Oven over* charcoal.

Sister #1978 who hails from Griffin, Georgia

And *under charcoal.

While the biscuits were "baking," several Sisters were busy preparing their secret recipes for the Dutch Oven Cook-Off that would be judged at lunchtime. Each oven was identified by a colored bandana and paired with coordinating official ballot boxes plastic cups where we would cast our vote for best dish.

Holy grub this was gonna be a difficult choice.


What? They said to sample them all. Any upstanding Sister follows the rules. Though I did turn down the Texas toast narrowly avoiding carb overload.

By the way, a tulip-shaped sparkling glass of a pale yellow, light bodied wine Budweiser complements a dish of 7 entrees and 2 sides. Plastic cutlery is acceptable though Sister Sister-in-Law Cindy and I prefer sterling. Word.

With our bellies bout to splode and votes tallied, prizes were given for 1st, 2nd, and 3rd place.

Third Place
Second Place

First place went to Sister Pat who was unavailable at the time of the awards ceremony. Accepting on her behalf was Sister Sister Sharon. Who am I kidding? Sister Pat was there. She accepted her award backstage, in the shower. The woman was nekkid.

Unofficial Rule #4

What Happens with the Sisters Stays with the Sisters

...unless you are Sister Donna - a starving writer - who will do anything for a story.

We have more fun than anyone, y'all!