Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Saddle Up and Hold On

We did it! Cindy and I participated in our first event ever with Sisters on the Fly in Pigeon Forge, Tennessee. We are both slap woe out, but we did it. Bella handled great - how could she not? Cindy talked to her coached her all the way up and especially all the way down through The Great Smoky Mountains. Note to us: Don't fill the Suburban's gas tank completely full when pulling Bella down a mountain. Lesson learned when we almost took out part of the caravan we were traveling with...oy!

Otherwise, our mishaps were few - a smooshed finger, a broken martini glass (oh no!), a short in Bella's running lights - to name a few.

Clabough Campground

"Dat gurl...she know how to back. Uh huh. You go gurl."
Cindy backed Bella in perfectly - great job for Cindy's first time - right in line with our concrete patio. When it was time for us to hitch Bella back up to leave, Cindy perfected it again. No pop-up flags to guide her; just me straddling Bella's hitch and giving Cindy hand signals - somewhat of a Frick & Frack effort, but hey, it worked.
Our Welcome Committee!
It rained, law has mercy, it rained cats and prairie dogs every night, but thankfully the precipitation held off during the day. You know what Garth Brooks says about the mud and the muck - we became all too familiar with it. Our welcoming committee enjoyed it though. Or maybe they were enjoying their new friends we brought along.
Because it was our first event, Cindy and I had no idea exactly how our site was going to be set up and decorated. We had thrown ideas back and forth over the Internet, but it was not until we actually began unloading and setting out our vintage treasures did we know how we wanted Bella's yard to look. Cindy had already masterminded Bella's interior so that was just a matter of setting the table and putting away our groceries grub. 

The challenge would come the following morning, after the rainy night, to design the exterior of Bella that would be worthy of her gorgeous interior.
Again, we were so exhausted and overwhelmed we totally missed the Meet & Greet with all the other Sisters the night we arrived. Too tired to even prepare dinner, in fact. Cindy and I hit the hay after Moon Pies and Diet Coke.
Early to bed, early to rise, y'all.