Wednesday, November 6, 2013

What Happens in the Trailer Park...

While being honest is not one of the three official rules of Sisters on the Fly, I'm pretty sure it is one of the Commandments or at least a Beatitude. Anywho, like my pappy always said, honesty is the best policy. And storytelling ain't fun unless it's the bonafide truth. That said, Ma...if you're still following my blog, close your ears.

I really hate the way I look when wearing a hat. That's why this self-proclaimed cowgirl won't be caught dead in a Stetson. No way. It ain't happening. Then somebody thought it would be fun if we designed our own Derby hats for the Moonshine Run event. My choice if I wore hats? A toboggan with ear muffs. And, electric, like a blanket. Shet, it was colder'n a Montana welldigger's ass. While Betty might be calling my name - considering my propensity and all - I'd like to think I overindulged in bourbon for the sole purpose of creating body warmth. If Mickey Gilley says all the girls get prettier at closing time, then it would stand to reason that with enough bourbon we'd all be gorgeous in our fascinators. And, we were...

Haute couture a la fly fishing motif. Model and Designer: Cindy Wang


Haute couture glamping a la flamingos oui oui! Designer: Cindy Wang Model: Donna Crawford

Unfortunately, there were no merit badges to be earned for the above shenanigans, but we had our eye on a patch that had been eluding us for some time.

Cigar Aficionado
Earlier, at the distillery, Sister Sallianne purchased a Maker's Mark cigar. She offered it up like a peace offering, and we all took a toke draw. We were passing the peace, y'all.

Thelma removed her headpiece fer 'fraid she catch a'fire.

Now, this is what you get when you mix sippin' whisky with a whisky cigar.

Having a purple haze kinda moment...not me, the photographer.

All in good fun, y'all.  All in good fun.

DISCLAIMER:  I DID NOT INHALE. (Thelma, did you?)

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