Tuesday, March 26, 2013

It's All About Bella

Thirty menopausal women all vying for three showers is not my idea of having "more fun than anyone."

Forget the makeup; I barely had time to get dressed. It was a cold and cloudy day, and there was mud everywhere...wah. I was just not feeling this whole glamping thing. I wanted a nap, but Diva Bella was bitching for attention. I was so out of place, like Eva Gabor in Green Acres. Somebody give me back the city life.

Oh, snap out of it, I thought, I'm a cowgirl. It was high time I pick myself up by the bootstraps and git 'er done. Bella's introduction to society would be nothing short of a débutante attending her cotillion. I was not about to let her down.

This was also the time for the chuck wagon teams to set up camp and prepare for their cook-off the following morning.

Nothing like a few cowboys to get a city girl all rustled up and moving about.

What? I vote we save a horse, y'all.

Okay, okay, okay. Y'all bout as bitchy as Bella.

"She got so many layers on, she look like a tick bout to splode."
Give a big howdy-do to my cowboy BFF's, Too Tall 1 and Too Tall 2. This father and son pair hail from Lebanon, Missouri, members of the Still Hangin' chuck wagon team.

In case you're wondering where Sister Sister-in-law Cindy is, it is noteworthy you take a look at this jolly fella standing next to Honest Abe, the one with the stick of butter. Cindy's no fool...where there's butter-there's flour, where there's flour-there's sugar, where there's sugar-there's peaches. Apparently, while I was tending to Bella, Cindy and Lexie were engaging in relations some old-fashioned bartering.

Mr. President & Lexie
Cindy introduced Lexie to some of the finest wine Duplin County, North Carolina has to offer in exchange for a taste of his award-winning peach "pie."

Delivered straight out of the dutch oven right to Bella's door

I don't know bout y'all, but I think Lexie was a wee bit smitten with Sister Cindy.

We finished staging Bella then slipped away for some much anticipated vintage shopping - "junking," the Sisters call it. We shopped 'til we dropped, well, until we closed the stores down. We got back to camp two days later, ha at dusk, just in time to enjoy an evening by the campfire with a handful of Sisters and a couple of cowpokes...or some.

The rest of the evening is somewhat of a blur but best to my recollection most, a good time was had by all. Including Bella, queen of the trailer park ball.

I hope y'all didn't think this was the end of the story. It's all coming back to me now, ha. Campfire stories next post...

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  1. Love it! Glad I got the starving writer as my sister sister n law x2:D. I know who to swoon when it comes to sweets. Ole Lexie can come on over to our bar anytime as long as he is packin something sweet to eat.