Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The Storm Before the Calm

Sister Sister-in-law Cindy and I have been rushing around like mad women in the week leading up to our departure. We've also been following the weather closely mainly because a) we're camping deep in  the Tennessee mountains during the dead of winter with the likelihood of freezing temperatures after towing a 42-year-old camper-trailer over treacherous terrain...whew, and b) there is no b...I think my Sister Sister-in-law has been taste-testing one too many Lemon Drop Martinis. Camping in February? Even bears have enough freaking sense to hibernate. Anyone who knows me knows I don't do cold. My only saving grace is my friend, Mizz Menopause. Hopefully she'll provide me with enough hot flashes to carry me through. Our caravan hits the trail at 6 a.m. Thursday morning.

I could be wrong but I would guess these are some pretty mild temps for Tennessee in February. But then there's the rain. Not a fan but glad it's not going to be cold enough to freeze especially since Cindy's going to be driving in it.
Cindy and I have burned up the airways messaging back and forth our lists, ideas, photos, plans. This is our first trip together with Sisters on the Fly, and we want to make sure we're doing everything by Sisters' specifications. We live about 100 miles apart so it has been quite the challenge coordinating everything from afar. I did manage to talk my husband-Cindy's brother, Mike, into spending the day with Cindy and her husband-my brother, Steve, ha, a couple of weeks ago and drove up to Fancy Gap, Virginia to do a little vintage shopping for Bella. Otherwise, I've only stepped foot into Cindy's camper Bella maybe twice. Again, she has graciously allowed me to enjoy the fruits of her hard labor and amazing talent and is sharing Bella with me.
As I was chopping gathering wood hubby already chopped, ha, I questioned just how glamorous camping can be. I brought the wood into the garage yesterday before the rain today. I was thinking how I can't start a fire in our chimnea on a dry day much less a campfire when it's wet. Yet and still we are determined to have a campfire and in true glamping style I've filled two spacious shopping bags full of good-smelling cedar.
I'd be lying if I said I'm not anxious about this event; I can't help it. It's in my Levis genes. (That's a whole 'nother blog.)  But I have Cindy who is laid back, intelligent, a Jane-of-all-trades/female MacGyver who can drive anything with wheels, and to seal the deal, Sharon, our event organizer sent me a message stating, "We don't happy and it all works out." I think I am about to learn this is what Sisters on the Fly is all about, escaping now and again this thing we call life. If not I have a feeling the distillery we'll be hauling across state lines will surely help.

Giddy up!  


  1. fun fun fun. I can't wait to "travel" along with y'all!

  2. Glad you are following; will be blogging every step of the way! :D