Thursday, February 28, 2013

Rise and Shine!

I can't believe I slept through the night. Rain on Bella's tin roof could have contributed to my restful sleep, but it didn't. I ain't heard shet, much less the rain. Fast forward to Friday night.

A handful of Sisters gathered at an empty camping site next to Bella's and built a campfire. There began an evening filled with good food, adult beverages, singing Kumbaya an impromptu song about ta-ta's, and shenanigans. Oh, the shenanigans. Everybody was a-hootin' and a-hollerin,' and again, I ain't heard shet, just a blur of noise.

As I sat there among so many people I had yet to meet, I began to sense what has become the norm for me; that I was coming across as a rude bitch. (Don't worry, I'm used to it.) In an effort to avoid beating a dead horse over and over again, I'll be brief* and say I suffered sudden onset total deafness five years ago in my left ear and according to my last audiometry test I have approximately 40 percent hearing remaining in my right. Or as my husband, Mike, tends to say, "she's deafer 'n hell in one ear and can't hear shit out the other." (Don't worry, I'm used to his crudeness as well.)

As the evening wore on, I became more uncomfortable and finally asked Cindy to explain to the group that I could not hear. Much to my delight, she had already informed a few of the Sisters of my deafness, explaining my awkward behavior.

I guess you could say this blog post is more of a programming note, an FYI of sorts, that if anyone speaks to me and I don't acknowledge you, you'll know I'm not ignoring you...I just can't hear your ass, ha.

*If interested, you may click on this link,  Say again? "I'm sorry. I can't hear your ass." (my "deaf" blog) to read my story beginning with Going Deaf: The Funniest Thing to Ever Happen to Me.

And, if any of the Sisters run across an ear horn while junking, please let me know. I would love to own one. Thanks!

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